I’m currently caught in the end-of-the-year social whirlwind, whipping through parties and family dinners and all the rest at tornado speed. UDON’s shut down the studio until Jan 4, but I’m still keeping up on a few emails and pulling together materials for a Rather Exciting Project on the horizon. I’m also taking a few days away from the writing desk, the better to gain some perspective on my current WIP.

I’ve also been musing the fate of this blog. Frankly, blogging about writing is not really my thing. Like Colleen Lindsay on agent blogging, I feel that others do the writer’s blog thing much better and more enthusiastically than I ever will, and I’m better off leaving it to them for the most part. Most of what I’m dealing with right now – querying, revisions, the awkward dance of encouraging rejection letters – isn’t appropriate fodder for a blog, and what remains is just not that interesting.

So, over the next couple of weeks (well, hopefully days, but we’ll see how the WordPress wrestle goes), I’m going to revamp this site to be less “generic author blog” and more me. Ideally, I’ll be slicing the blog up into three main categories – writing/publishing, style, and alt culture – although I may add a fourth section for personal stuff, or as a catch-all category. Only the writing/publishing feed will push through to my livejournal, and the styles posts might wind up mirrored on a fashion/costume specific domain as well. It all depends on my mood, and ability to pummel WordPress into submission.

Apologies in advance for the service disruptions this is likely to cause!