I’m delighted to announce that the latest title in our Young Adventurer’s Guide series, Dragons & Treasures, is available in stores starting today! Dungeons & Dragons players new and old will appreciate this deep dive into the magical lore around the most iconic creatures in the game, dragons. Featuring detailed information about dragon anatomy, society, language and behavior, Dragons & Treasures brings you deep into the world of these beloved fantasy icons. The book includes tons of brand-new artwork, dragon-related magical items and lots of inspiration to spark reader’s imaginations. 

Dragons & Treasures: A Young Adventurer's Guide to Dungeons & Dragons

This was a particularly fun book to work on and I think our team’s enthusiasm really shines through on every page! Huge thanks to our editors at Ten Speed Press for all their support and guidance, along with the amazing artists at Conceptopolis for going above and beyond with all their illustrations.