I’m super-excited to see two of the UDON Kids Manga titles, “The Big Adventures of Majoko” and “Ninja Baseball Kyuma,” on the School Library Journal’s Best Comics for Kids 2009 list! Majoko is a personal favorite of mine (next to “Swans in Space”, because, well, sci-fi for girls. How awesome is that?), so it was awesome to see it right at the top of the list – even though I know the list is alphabetical within categories.

Also breaking this week: the next “Street Fighter: Legends” miniseries is finally announced, with ninja schoolgirl Ibuki stepping into the ring. This one has me especially excited, since Jim is writing the book, with art from his good friend Omar Dogan. Omar’s really knocking it out of the park – these pages are some of the best art he’s ever done – and I’m so happy that Jim’s going to have another great-looking book under his writing belt. Comic Book Resources has an interview with Jim & Omar, including some exclusive preview art.

As for me, I’m juggling UDON work, wedding questions (no details yet!), holiday planning, and an all-too-full social calendar, plus plugging away at my WIP. This is the first time I’ve written something with multiple points of view, and it’s throwing some wrenches into my usual process. Typically, I write from start to finish, a method that helps me keep the whole book straight in my head as I go along, but the two narrative voices are quite different and switching back and forth is proving to be a challenge. I’ve tried writing all the scenes for one voice first, but it’s not very comfortable for me, so I think I’m stuck trying to find easier ways of shifting between narrative POVs. Any suggestions?

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  1. Suggestions?

    That entirely depends on how you write POVs. Are these characters each using “I” exclusively? If so, tag chapters/sections with “Richard, 09 Dec 2009:” or else write ’em in such a way that the first few lines makes it obvious who’s talking.

    If not, you can either have a first-person character and a third-person character (for some reason, I’m associating this with comics, but I can’t think of a specific example for the life of me – Matt Wagner’s Grendel, maybe?). Omniscient narrators are easiest, but I get the feeling this won’t work for you.

    Oh, and if you need a wedding minister, I’m too broke to travel far but live in a place some use as a destination….

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