Lsat week I was in New York for Book Expo America, a great experience I need to blog about as soon as I dig out from under the workload that accumulated during my trip! The best comics-related programming at the show was definitely the Hottest Graphic Novels of 2012 buzz panel, moderated by John Hogan from Linda Yau has a good write-up at the Lincoln Heights Literary Society, and The Beat provides a list of featured titles with cover images and ordering details.

Good Comics for Kids interviews Scott Robins and Snow Wildsmith about their new book, A Parent’s Guide to the Best Kids Comics. Scott and Snow were kind enough to send me a review copy, since a couple of UDON’s Manga for Kids titles are featured in the book – it’s a fantastic resource for anyone looking to gain more insight into the exciting kid’s comic market, and I can’t wait to write up a proper review (see above re: workload, ugh).

And on a creator note, Faith Erin Hicks posted a charming one-page comic about her process for developing a new book. It’s sweet, funny, and instantly recognizable to anyone who has tackled a larger creative project!