I’m just back from a glorious five-day writing retreat and doubling down on busy, as usual. We’re less than two weeks from San Diego Comic Con and I’m scrambling to keep on top of all the press relations, organization and general juggling required to to make sure the show goes smoothly. I’m also doing rewrites on season two of my webcomic, Rocket Fox, pulling together some pitch materials for my agent, and working on the script for book two of a classic literature adaptation project. Whew!

That said, I managed to fit in a quick chat with the podcast crew over at ShiftyLook last week, before my writing retreat, and the interview is now up! Collette, Tim and I chatted about YA fiction, writing process, and of course my ShiftyLook webcomic, Rocket Fox! The podcast is available here – I’d love to hear what you think! It’s my first audio interview, and I was crazy-nervous, hence some of the rapidfire babbling.

ShiftyLook Podcast Episode 6