Clearly trying to update this blog based solely on my writing life isn’t working out all that well, mostly because there’s not much to say. I’ve discovered from a couple of recent stumbles that talking about a work in progress is a fast route to losing direction on the manuscript, so that topic’s a no go. My process doesn’t really involve anything that hasn’t already been covered in-depth elsewhere, and repetition for the sake of filling up space isn’t my style. And I can’t help but feel that talking about the whole querying process, while in the midst, qualifies as an Extremely Poor Idea.

So what’s a blogger to do? Talk about something else! I’m going to try and keep the focus fairly light, mostly pop culture musings around my core obsessions: alternative fashion, art house cinema, quirky Toronto and publishing. I’ll try and keep my other main interests, politics and feminism, to a light sprinkling, mostly because I have neither the time nor interest to a/ educate or b/argue about those topics via this medium. I’m unlikely to review YA or MG fiction, largely because I’d feel awkward posting about anything I didn’t like, and always-positive reviews are a bit dull, but I will talk about publishing trends and some specific, outstanding titles.

Please feel welcome to suggest other topics you’d be interested in, noting that my personal life is largely off the table. (as a related note: if you happen to be an ex-boyfriend, please bugger off. Seriously.)