Jim and I had a grand time at the Animex Festival in Middlesbrough, England last month: lots of great people, fascinating conversations about the game and animation industries, good meetings with UDON’s UK distributors (who are awesome folks!), and lots of little side adventures to round out the whole experience. Things got a little muddled once we hit London, and we got stuck with an unexpected overnight in Holland on our way back, but those were pretty minor bumps in the grand scheme of things.

Stacy in London
Making friends in London Town!

Things continue at a hectic pace: I’ve taken on a new, as-yet-secret project with UDON that’s eating up loads of time (but is equally challenging and loads of fun), we’re prepping to launch comic con season early this year with Emerald City in Seattle in late March, and I’m plugging away on my current WIP, which I’m expecting to have completed (in early-draft form, of course!) before leaving for the Calgary Con at the end of April. There have been a couple of serious frustrations over the past few months, but I’m trying to stay focused on the road ahead – which is, admittedly, not always the easiest this time of year. Come on spring!