I was planning to post about Halloween: costumes (keymaster & gatekeeper from GHOSTBUSTERS), pumpkins, parties and comic book treats, but the week started busy and then Maine voted against same-sex marriage rights and I was back to my usual misanthropic self, which is generally a Not Good place from which to blog.

And then mid-week got even more busy and I didn’t have time to post and now it’s Friday and I still don’t have time, darnit, because I spent most of today trying to find out why other people haven’t gotten their work done and now I’m seriously behind on my daily word-count, argh!

So this isn’t a real post either. This is the blog equivalent of wiping off the sink with a rag and shoving the dirty socks under the sofa, lest your guests think you have no sense of cleanliness and decorum at all.

Ahem. In the meantime, here’s a picture of the thing that made me laugh the hardest today:

ETC Sweater shorts

Sweater shorts.

No, really.
A steal at just 15,000 yen! (about $150 US)