The new BabyMetal single, “Give Me Choco“. Three J-pop idol teenagers demanding chocolate while doing synchronized dances to heavy metal music. Genius!

Grimm Fairytale bag GRIMMS-FAIRYTALES-BRASS-Locket-pendant-book-shaped-necklace-1067_2The fact that ReStyle has an entire section devoted to “book-related fashion items“.

I rather covet the Grimm Fairytales Bag and matching pendant; the Poe purse is also delectable. And the Magic Spells one. And…

I already *have* three book-shaped purses. Professional intervention may be required.

Finally, Skottie Young has been announced as the writer/artist on a new Rocket Raccoon comic book, which seems like the perfect marriage of whimsy and mayhem. You may know Skottie Young from such amazing work as his Wizard of Oz series, or from this awesome illustration, which makes me feel like July is *far* too far away: