Given how the month is shaping up, it’s unlikely I’m going to manage more than a sparse post every week or so. Which is possibly just as well: my friend Chris commented last weekend that my posts have been sounding a bit dissatisfied, which is not really how I want to be coming across.

Things are going well: plugging away on UDON’s 2010 convention schedule, starting the (far too soon, eek!) preparations for the dread December holiday season, and keeping to a solid writing schedule. The last is probably most exciting to me (well, the con planning is pretty exciting too!). I’m doing a sort of UnNaNoWriMo: taking the concept of just write, dammit and tweaking it for my own needs. The goal right now is to hit the NaNo 50K mark by end of the month, and carry on at the same pace to wrap up the full draft by Dec 15. So far I’m on track, which means – in superstitious writer fashion – I’m unwilling to talk about it much more than that, lest I jinx myself!

…. and I’m out of time.