Munchkin Skullkickers promo art

I’ve known about this for a few months, but it’s finally been officially announced so I can talk about it: Steve Jackson Games is doing a version of Skullkickers for their classic fantasy card game, Munchkin! They made the announcement early today at New York Comic Con, and the game itself will be out for 2012. More info on the Skullkickers site, although most of the details haven’t been made public yet.

SKULLKICKERS is an ongoing comic series from Image Comics, written by my husband Jim Zub and illustrated by the insanely talented Edwin Huang, with colors by Misty Coates and letters by Marshall Dillon. It’s a fantasy adventure comedy – think Conan slammed into buddy cop film – with loads of over-the-top violence, witty banter and ridiculous hijinks. The first trade paperback came out last spring and is value-priced at just $10; the second volume launches in November. If you dig fantasy, comedy or just gorgeous art, I (obviously) recommend you check it out. (but don’t just take my word for it; check out some preview pages and reviews posted via their Facebook fan page.)

I’m so proud of Jim for all his hard work and determination on this project. How he juggles a full-time teaching gig, a full-time project management gig and pulls together the organization and creative energy for his creator-owned work as well is sometimes a mystery even to me, and I get to see how he does it up-close! (the trick? he works A LOT.)