I’m in Calgary, Alberta this coming weekend for the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, my first real show of the 2010 season and always one of my favorites. Kandrix does an amazing job of organizing a top-notch show, with a stellar guest line-up designed to appeal to a broad range of fans. Plus, he has an eye for the little details that make an exhibitor’s life easier, from key contact info printed on the back of badges to a fleet of volunteers helping guests get around.

Jim and I are traveling with our pal Ray Fawkes, who has a booth in artist alley, and with UDON artists Omar Dogan, Joe Vriens and Eric Vedder. All three are working on current UDON titles, so the booth should be pretty hopping!

Exciting as the work stuff is, though, it pales in comparison to the personal nerd factor: specifically, Leonard Nimoy! Kandrix’s made arrangements for Nimoy to visit Vulcan for the first time ever, and we’re flying in a day early to take in the madness! We’re also attending a 40th anniversary screening of A CLOCKWORK ORANGE on Friday evening with Malcolm McDowell in attendance, which ought to be pretty amazing. Given that Nimoy just announced his upcoming retirement from the con scene, I’m anticipating an even higher level of frenzy than usual around his appearance. And since Spock was my very first serious teen crush, the whole thing is making my inner 13-year-old unreasonably pleased.